Assert Yourself!

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In this workshop you will learn empowering communication and behaviours that will enhance your self-confidence, credibility and effectiveness. This program has been developed to help you approach people and situations using confident, co-operative and positive communication skills. The focus will be on being assertive in the workplace but the same principles apply to personal life.


In this short course we’ll explore:

  • The types of communication behaviour
  • Recognising your own typical communication behaviour
  • Myths associated with being assertive
  • Taking stock of your usual communication style
  • The Bill of Assertive Rights
  • How our upbringing influences our communication behaviour
  • The non-verbal communication of assertive people
  • Paralanguage – Communicating assertively through voice and speech
  • Establishing credibility – the tendency to self-sabotage
  • Giving and receiving compliments
  • Dealing assertively with criticism
  • The technique of fogging
  • Expressing your feelings with “I statements”
  • Dealing assertively with criticism
  • Saying “no” with grace and dignity
  • Using the broken record technique
  • Where to from here?

Course Features

  • Lectures 21
  • Quizzes 10
  • Duration approx. 8 hours
  • Language English
  • Students 8
  • Assessments Self