Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Sydnrome

Confronting Self-Doubt to Achieve your Potential

Date:               Wednesday, 04 September 2019
Time:              9:30am – 4:00pm
Sessions:        1 session of 6.5 hours
Location:       Cartwright PS
Tutor:             Elizabeth Paine
Price:              $125.00 (GST exempt)

Status:            Places are available.
Course ID:      DA3432-16X

To Register: https://www.macarthurcc.com.au/modules/details?ModuleID=DA3432-16X

  • When you think about your achievements do you secretly marvel that you’ve got so far?
  • Do you wonder how you managed to get the job you’re in when clearly there are more qualified and capable people out there?
  • Are you reluctant to promote your achievements in case someone calls your bluff or challenges you?
  • Do you start to write a job application only to put it away when it occurs to you that your qualifications or experience aren’t really a good fit after all?
  • Do you suffer from self-doubt?If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, chances are you’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome.
    Impostor Syndrome is the feeling that we aren’t actually worthy or adequately qualified for the work we’re doing and that sometime soon we’ll be found out. If you experience feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, you may be surprised to learn that you are in great company. Even the most qualified and capable people can suffer from Imposter Syndrome.We’ll use this highly interactive workshop to:
  • define imposter syndrome
  • understand the difference between being an imposter and being a fraud
  • learn what the research has uncovered about Imposter Syndrome
  • recognise the signs that you, or someone in your team has it
  • identifying self-sabotaging behaviours that prevent you or someone in your team, achieving potential
  • learn strategies to overcome imposter syndrome and give yourself permission to achieve your full personal or career potential.Bring $15 (payable to tutor) for workbook.  

Start Time

9:30 am

September 4, 2019

Finish Time

5:00 pm

October 4, 2019


Cartwright Public School, NSW